Fin de la Saison

Took my first foray into Belgian beers today by brewing a Saison with my friend, Scott. My BeerSmith recipe is at the bottom of this post for those who are interested. I’m not a fan of wheat in my beers so I excluded that grain from my version but it’s a “farmhouse-style” of ale so it could really be almost anything you want. No wheat? Sure.

We used some Wyeast Belgian Saison yeast.

Wyeast smack pack.

You give it a little squeeze to mix some nutrients with the yeast inside and it gets all puffed up in a few hours and it’s ready to pitch.

Wyeast puffed up.

Fortunately (or sadly, for this blog) there was nothing that went awry with this brew day. When brewing with a friend I usually brew 10 gallon batches but we decided to go with a 5 gallon batch for the Saison. I’m reasonably adept on my own with 5 gallons and it makes it that much easier to have a friend around for it. It’s very low maintenance brewing so we had a very pleasant brew day of it.

Lunch always factors in and today we enjoyed some homemade sauerkraut (last week’s project) and some pierogies with onions and bacon. Pure goodness!


This was a brew we wanted to have ready for Remembrance day in a few weeks so we were trying to decide on a name once we finished brewing. Around this date in 1918 things were coming to an end in Europe during WWI. That, combined with a killing frost last night in Cambridge clearly marking the end of reasonably mild nights led us to call this beer “Fin de la Saison”.

It’s what’s on tap…

Fin de la Saison

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