Commercial brew day

Spent the day–or, rather, the afternoon–at Grand River Brewing on Wednesday. Got called to come in and brew just the one day this week. Rehearsals with the HPO got in the way of my brewing habit. 😉

Wednesday was Jubilation Winter Warmer day at the brewery. I have had the honour of being part of a few seasonals this year. I got my hands on the Highballer Pumpkin Ale, Russian Gun Imperial Stout and, this week, Jubilation Winter Warmer. I’ve brewed almost all the beers at GRB except for the seasonals, that is, up until this year. These beers are usually bigger, more complicated and involve extra additions at various points like pumpkin, demerara sugar, molasses, spices, etc.

It’s a bit of a challenge for me because of these extra additions as it requires a bit more “careful” brewing. Knowing when to add the extra ingredients, keeping track of time, specific gravity, etc., things I don’t normally do during a brew at GRB or at home. Nothing wrong with it, just not my normal routine for brewing.

Next week may bring more commercial brewing but will definitely bring more homebrewing.


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2 responses to “Commercial brew day

  • Roger Beal

    Sounds like a great day!
    Stop by our setup if you’re coming to Learn 2 Brew. I’ll be the bald guy who isn’t Jason.
    Last week I played the b flat scale on the ‘bone for the first time since high school. Long story.

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