New tap!

Now my one lonely tap that I had before has a friend!

I finally gathered all the bits and pieces to install a second tap in my beer fridge this past weekend. Not terribly exciting for most people, I would agree, but, oddly, rather exciting for me.

Up until this point, with one tap, I was quite insistent on brewing things that were very drinkable. I brew them, I drink them. I don’t bottle much so just about everything I brew is being kegged and put on tap.

If I brew 20 liters of an Imperial Double IPA, I have to drink it. As much as I enjoy that type of beer, it’s not the kind of beer I enjoy having on tap. It’s much more the type of beer I would enjoy a bottle of once in a while. Now I can have it on tap!

With the two taps I can brew sessionable or drinkable pale ales, pilsners and IPAs and have a bigger beer, spiced beer, seasonal… what have you on the second tap. Carbonating is easier because both kegs can be set to serving pressure and have one for serving and the other carbonating. Although this does require some planning. 😉

I am disproportionately excited about this and will be brewing my first beer tomorrow to celebrate. I will be venturing into spiced beer land with a Christmas Spiced Beer. Something I would have been unlikely to brew earlier but I now know it can sit quietly and be enjoyed occasionally on the second tap.

Two taps (after)

One tap (before)


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