Rent beer…

Learned a new expression a couple of weeks ago from my friend Alan Brown over at 600 Days to Brewmastery: Rent Beer. It’s the beer that a brew pub or brewery would brew in order to pay the rent. Pretty self explanatory, really, but I had never heard it. It’s a good one and, in this case, a keeper for me.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I’m not in a position where I have to pay my rent with beer that I make. That said, I’m going to use the expression from now on to describe my sessionable, drinkable pale ales, IPAs, Pilsners, etc., that I brew to go on tap and drink regularly.

To serve along with the rent beer will be what I call my second tap beers. The beers that I would not have brewed until installing my second tap a few weeks ago. Coming up in the second tap line up are Pete’s Pumpkin Pale Ale, LISP, a brew from a while ago called A Bitter Pils to Swallow and the Fin de la Saison. Not necessarily in that order.

Rent beer and second tap


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