Random bits.

Almost a welly.

Nothing major to post about at this point in time, just a few odds and ends.

Saw the above image on my back deck last week and had to snap a quick photo. We keep a pair of wellies on the back deck to put on when we go outside. We’re housebreaking a puppy currently so they come in handy several times a day. One had fallen over and a light dusting of snow had started and caused the image you see above.

Brewed commercially twice last week and had a great brew day on the second brew. Text book. I do like it when that happens.

Brewing tomorrow with my friend, Scott. Rent beer, nothing special.

Fin de la Saison got transferred last week and is gassing up now. Should be ready to bottle on the weekend or early next week. Just that one transfer has freed up a bit of space in my basement and in fermenters that it will allow me to brew tomorrow. Good stuff!

I have some product shots to do for Grand River Brewing this week for their website. Updating all the shots here with the new labels.

The beer advent calendar started last week so I have been enjoying several different kinds of beer over the last few days. Certainly stuff that I wouldn’t brew on my own but all good! Getting some good ideas for second tap brews coming up.




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