Lesson learned.

Was sitting and practicing yesterday when I heard a rather loud pop! from the “brewery” in the basement. Never a good sign. Went in to have a look and found this:

Exploded gallon of cider.

Not sure if the picture really does it justice but the jug is completely broken and the contents are all over the inside of the box.

What was originally in there was a gallon of fermented apple cider in secondary on pomegranate seeds. The lid was on it because I had run out of air locks but was venting the jug every so often. Apparently it needed just one more vent. 😀

Lesson learned? Don’t use the one gallon jugs or growlers for fermentation without airlocks. Don’t even use them for bottle conditioning, it’s not worth the risk. I did have all the jugs in the cardboard box just in the event of this happening… and it did.

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