Brew pause.

Oh, the horror!

I’m off to Winnipeg for ten days to play with the Winnipeg Symphony. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I haven’t brewed since last week and won’t get to brewing either at home or at the brewery until the first or second week of February. Luckily the two batches that I brewed just after New Year’s are ready to go. One is being tapped this evening and the other will cold crash for the entire ten days I’m away. Should be nice and clear upon my return.

No brewing but I’m hoping to try some different beers while I’m in Winnipeg. I was there last spring and tried some nice IPA from Half Pints Brewing. I’m hoping this time to maybe get out to the brewery for a tour just to see what is going on. Seeing other breweries and brewers in action always sparks new ideas for my own process and it’s great to meet the brewers of the beer you like.

I’ll try some beer and maybe write a bit about it while I’m there but I don’t do formal reviews of beer. There are other people who do a much better job at that and I’m happy to leave it to them.

Next post will be from the ‘Peg!


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