Monthly Archives: February 2012

I’m Back!

Actually, I’ve been back for a while and I seem to recall that I said I was going to post while I was in Winnipeg. Oops! Can I take that back? Things just got a bit busy while I was there and I didn’t get around to posting anything about beer.

My one beer-related highlight was my visit to Half Pints Brewery. Brewmaster David Rudge showed me around and spent a good chunk of time with me to answer some questions and give me a brewer’s tour of the facility. Learned lots and got to see a great little brewery!

Back in my own brewery things have been perking along nicely. I tapped the LISP from a while back and it’s great! Very rich stout clocking in at just over 10%abv. A real sipper.

I’m playing with a new hop: Calypso. I made an IPA made with Calypso hops only, calling it a West India Pale Ale in honour of the hop. It’s a high AA% hop with lots of fruit in the aroma and hopefully a good amount of bitterness in the beer. I didn’t go nuts with the hopping but I’m hoping for a reasonably well balanced IPA on this one.

Today was a brew day at home. My friend Scott provided a recipe for an Imperial Stout called “Stygian Cave”. It’s huge!! We finished off the day with a starting gravity of 1.126! If we pretend that the yeast we use under our conditions takes it down to even 1.015 we end up with a beer that is 14.9%abv. That’s just silly. We’ll see where we’re at next week and then we should have a reasonable prediction for a final gravity.

My LISP is on tap and my cider experiment is also on. It’s what’s on tap…