It’s what’s not on tap…

One of my favourite reasons for the US? The beer shopping!

I was in Cleveland last week to play with Apollo’s Fire and their production of the Magic Flute. Great fun, great friends and fantastic music making. Yet another career highlight with AF was last Friday playing in Severance Hall to a near capacity crowd and an immediate standing ovation at the end of the opera. Gotta love it!

But I digress from the topic of the post.

I was able to visit three different stores for picking up some bottles for my return home:

Whole Foods in Cleveland has an excellent beer section with knowledgeable staff. Their lunch counter is also a destination for me whenever I visit.

A new shop on Lee Road called The Wine Spot also has a decent selection of beer. Not a huge number of bottles but worth the stop for a few unique things.

And my personal favourite, Tops Friendly Market in Fredonia, NY! Not the biggest beer selection in the world but a few interesting things and the ability to make your own mixed six packs for a flat fee. AND it’s a grocery store! Would love to see Ontario head in this direction.

So now my beer fridge looks a bit better stocked than it did before. 😉

Oh yes, and I brewed today. Finally. Did a very simple light Pilsner just to get something going quickly and easily and get me well set up for reuse of the yeast cake to do something bigger/hoppier next.



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