What $25 will get you.

I replied to a Kijiji ad last week for a bunch of wine making equipment that a woman was selling for $25. She had posted a few pics of what was being sold and it looked like a very good bargain for that amount of money.

I went to pick up the goods on Thursday and I was shocked at what I was getting. Here is everything unloaded in my driveway:

Obviously a ton of bottles for wine and beer. Things of much larger value? Floor corker, 10 carboys, bottle tree, filter, dual nozzle bottle/carboy washer, spray unit for sanitizing bottles. The two buckets hold a variety of miscellaneous smaller items like hydrometers, cappers, corkers, lines, tubes, etc.

I’m in the process of sorting through things and washing carboys as I go and figuring out what will be staying and what will be going. Some will be given away and some will be sold. Decisions, decisions…


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