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I’ve been on “holidays” for the past couple of weeks with a trip to the east coast of Canada with my family. It was fabulous and I do want to go back at some point but it sure is nice to be home!

Some bits and pieces for you:

Had some Propeller Brewery beers while I was out east. I had the ESB, Pilsener, and the IPA. All were well-brewed and I enjoyed them. I would definitely have them again but they were nothing “unbelievable”, as it were.

I had a visit to Gahan House in Charlottetown, PEI. A great visit with friends and some very fine beer. Their IPA was quite good but I also had the sample tray with eight (8… EIGHT) different samples on it! ALL very good and well brewed. Not all were to my liking but they hit the styles right down the middle and they were well balanced. Very good brews to be sure.

I have an exciting review coming up in a future post for you. (Full disclosure…) I was contacted by Shawn at BeerClings to review his labels for homebrew bottles of beer. I received the package while I was out east and so far it looks great and I’m excited to try them out and do a bit of a write up on them on this blog. Stay tuned in the next couple of posts and I’ll have that review for you.

I kegged an Imperial Citra Pale Ale and a Citra IPA before I went on holidays. They weren’t stellar when I kegged them (wanted to push them through to have some stuff for the trip east 😀 ) but they were quite fine when I returned after two weeks. The Imperial is quite nice and the IPA has mellowed quite a bit. I wasn’t happy when it went into the keg as it was a bit estery and phenolic (cloves mostly) but it has mellowed. It isn’t my best brew in the last little bit but it’s just okay. It’s what’s on tap…


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