Spot the Difference

Let’s play a game.

Spot the difference between these two pics:

Give up? I know, it’s a tough one.

I’ll just tell you. I got a new CO2 cylinder! Really not exciting but I got in touch with somebody on the SOB forum who was looking to trade his 20lb cylinder for a smaller 5lb cylinder. Oddly enough I was looking to trade up as well. The only thing he wanted was for me to cover the cost of the hydro test. $35 later I got a new tank!

The obvious advantage is that the tank will last longer but a secondary advantage is that the relative cost of filling the tank is quite cheap. Last time I filled my 5lb tank it cost me around $17. The gentleman who traded tanks with me had the 20lb filled for $25. Lasts longer and cheaper to fill! Sold.



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