Beerclings Review

I’m finally getting around to this! With apologies to Shawn at Beerclings for the delay, no offense intended.

Full disclosure: I was contacted by Shawn to do a review on his product and provided with a sheet of labels for testing purposes. Anyone can get one free label to try out, they’re available on the website.

Great first impression on the labels and the package. I received a sheet of 12 labels to try out with page of instructions and a handwritten letter from Shawn. Always a nice touch!

A good first impression

The initial design of the label is fine. He says on the website that they currently offer only the one design but will be setting up for expansion to other designs. I look forward to those other designs and maybe the option for uploading our own labels for printing. That would be a nice touch.

The instructions that came with the package could not be clearer. Well written and super clear for anyone wanting to get into labeling their bottles.

I wanted to be sure to give the labels a fair test so I did follow the instructions to a T as best I could.

Some action shots for you.

Drying the bottle

Applying the label

Label applied!

Three bottles ready for testing

Once the labels were on the bottles I did have a feeling that size-wise they look better proportioned on the bomber bottle. In the photo above you can see for yourself despite the slightly misaligned placement. They fit perfectly on the standard size bottle but I just felt they looked a little big. I put one on the bomber and it seemed to be a better fit.

They labels are generic and they have a banner on them with space for writing your beer name or style. I did try a Sharpie for marking my beer style on there but was not terribly successful. It marked but didn’t stay on so well. Maybe there are some suggestions on the website for how to mark them.

My rigorous testing involved a few scenarios. First off I just labeled them and let them sit in the fridge for a few days to see how they lasted. I have never dealt with a label like this so was ready for anything. In and out of the fridge with the inevitable condensation and they were totally fine! The labels really stay on VERY well.

I couldn’t stop there. There must be more I can do to torture test these labels. What about a cooler full of ice and water at a party? What about in the middle of summer when you leave a case of beer in the trunk of the car? What about boiling bottles? (It’s not really a scenario I would come across with beer but it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

I figured I would fill a container with water and put it in the fridge with the labeled bottle in it and see how it did.

That’s cold.

No problems there. It even says on the website that the condensation will further lock the label on to the bottle. No question. That label was on there.

What about the back of the car scenario? I figured I would go one better and just try roasting the bottle with the label on it.

That’s hot enough

It’s a dry heat

It survived!

It’s not 100% clear in the above photo but the thermometer is reading just above 160F and the label was totally intact.

The final test was the boiling. Why? I don’t know, why not?

That’s a wet heat.

Sadly, this was the only test the labels failed. You can see in the above photo that the label did peel off in the boiling water. That said, I don’t think this is necessarily a realistic scenario but it was fun to see how far I could push the labels.

My thoughts? I like the labels. I think it’s a great idea and for those who do a lot of bottling and like to present a good looking, professional bottle, this is definitely the way to go. They are easy to use and easy to re-use as well. They survived heat, cold and ice water with no problems.

Recommendations? I didn’t get too far into testing what works best for writing on them so maybe there are some suggestions from Shawn for that. I look forward to other designs and maybe a template for designing our own labels and uploading. Maybe some other products? As I was reviewing these labels I thought of maybe a cling label for the shoulders of carboys to record brew details. That could be removed and reapplied to a secondary carboy and then a keg. What about growler cap labels? Keg labels?

I think this is an excellent product. If you do a lot of bottling and like to label, these are easy to use, clean, clear and well produced. Great job, Shawn!

Get them here: Beerclings


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2 responses to “Beerclings Review

  • Shegogue Brew

    I could have sworn I read somewhere these beerclings use dry-erase marker? Not sure how well that would stay on though. I am looking forward to the options of having your own design on these labels, but have a feeling it will bring a significant cost increase, but if they are long-lasting and reusable I would invest.

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