Happy New Gear!

I love the barter system. I helped my friend Scott move house in August and in exchange for that he felt it was worth a keggle. A keggle is simply an old beer keg with the top cut out so that it can be used for a mash tun, boil kettle or hot liquor tank. I was happy to take it off his hands and help de-clutter his garage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This one is a nice size, 50L, which is slightly smaller than the other standard of 58L. As an added bonus he said that he wanted to demo some new tools and techniques for a homebrew club meeting back in September and was going to install a fitting on the keggle so that I could have a valve on it quite easily. Also for free.

The demo didn’t transpire but he’s a man of his word so he did the work for my anyway. I was over there today to “help out” as he worked on the keggle. He drilled the hole, dimpled it and installed the fitting for me over the course ofย  a morning. Some VERY nice work! I’m not terribly handy so it was great to work with him and see his attention to detail and care that he took with the installation especially given that it was free and the he didn’t HAVE to do it.

The dimpling, especially, was a new technique for me. He drills the hole in the side of the keggle and then using a special tapered tool and a couple of socket wrenches he pushes the tool through the hole very slowly from inside to outside so that there is a bit of a flange created on the outside of the keg. He then pushes the fitting through from the inside to the outside so that he can solder on the inside of the keg where the fitting meets the keg wall. This allows the solder to seal around the fitting and provide moreย  surface area to secure the fitting.

Amazing work! The join on the inside of the keggle is perfect and the whole thing is ready to take a valve assembly to allow easy transfer of wort or water from the keggle.

These are Scott’s pictures from some work that he did on Friday on another brewer’s keggle but mine looks exactly the same with the exception of the valve. Beautiful!

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