People’s Choice

Ok, I can’t decide.

I have a half carboy or so of a strong Imperial Stout. I’ve already taken some of that for a whiskey-soaked, charred cherry wood version of the stout. The other part was going to be for a rum-based something but that experiment failed.

What to do with the remaining beer? I have a few things I can do as follows:

  1. Vanilla Bourbon Imperial Stout
  2. Oaked Bourbon Imperial Stout
  3. Plain (It’s actually a very good stout on its own)
  4. Other

It’s not a huge rush job but it is something I would like to have available over the holidays and would love to have another entry for the OBK competition in January.

I would love to hear your suggestions and votes in the comments. I’ll be making a decision over the weekend and will let you know.





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5 responses to “People’s Choice

  • MattyP

    I’d go with the vanilla, but try adding some lactose to sweeten it up. Make it a dessert beer!

    • It's what's on tap...

      I like the vanilla but for my taste that already makes it feel sweet enough for me.

      Also, pleading ignorance here, I didn’t think you could add lactose so late in the process. I’m well at the end of primary and will not be transferring to secondary, just adding the bourbon or whatnot right to primary.

      • MattyP

        Hey I’m an ideas guy! Having not tasted the beer I can’t say if it is sweet already, but a vanilla stout sounds awesome. Let me know if you want tasting notes 😉

        Maybe try some spiced rum/vanilla?

  • Shegogue Brew

    You already have a wood-aged version, I would leave it plain and sample them both over a few months to see the subtle changes

    • It's what's on tap...

      True. I know this beer plain and wanted to have some special stuff for holidays and comps.

      I ended up going with the vanilla bourbon. I had both the stout and the vanilla bourbon ready to go so I just dumped the bourbon in to primary. Will rack it off of there in a while.

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