The Beer Store

Caution: Soapbox

First off, I don’t support it. I can’t stand the place except as the building where I return my empties that I bought at the LCBO. They have very few brands of beer that I’m looking for and the experience is generally dismal.

I read the following couple of articles in the last little while:–cohn-why-ontarians-can-t-bear-the-beer-store-any-longer–cohn-more-reasons-to-end-the-beer-store-cartel

They sort of got me going again. 😦 And then this letter to the editor in the Cambridge Times added fuel to the fire.–monopolies-like-the-beer-store-poorly-managed-inconvenient

I totally agree with what the individual is saying it’s just that he exhibits the common knowledge that The Beer Store is a GOVERNMENT run business. It’s not! It’s run by the brewers which are ALL foreign-owned.

I’m not pretending that I don’t buy foreign products or even that I don’t buy foreign beer but just go in with your eyes open. If you think that you’re going into The Beer Store as a government run monopoly and supporting Molson as a Canadian-owned brewery. You’re dead wrong. Sorry.

Thank you. I just had to get that off my chest.


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2 responses to “The Beer Store

  • Clay Paquette

    This is an opinion piece that needs to be expanded upon, and shared with a wider audience. I can’t understand why beer sales are controlled/dictated/profited from by foreign monopolies.

  • It's what's on tap...

    Thanks, Clay.

    I’m not the person to expand on it because there are better, more informed writers and bloggers out there. I mostly just wanted to get that rant off my chest. I also think I’m preaching to the choir on this blog, most of us know about The Beer Store and it’s twisted monopoly.

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