Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cool Invention!

I’m a bit behind the times on this one but I just saw this video that someone had posted to Homebrew Talk.


While I don’t bottle much at all, and when I do it’s almost always from the keg, I thought this was an ingenious idea. Here is the link to the company’s website.

Just a brilliant idea (wish I had thought of that. 😉 )

Judgement Day

The homebrew club that I’m part of, GRAB (Grand River Area Brewers), recently held a friendly competition with the HOZERs (Hamilton Ontario Zymurgy Enthusiast Ring). I submitted three beers: An APA, a Stout (Vanilla Bourbon, brewed with Scott), and my LISP

There were four judges, Kevin Freer, Jason Stranak, Nate Ferguson, and me. It was not a BJCP sanctioned competition but it was run fairly similarly to one. I had never judged before so it was a real learning experience for me!

Some photos from the day:

Results for the competition.