Back to the Brewhouse

And here we are again.

Grand River Brewing called me back to do some more brewing for them. I take on the role of second brewer on their double brew days. The head brewer, Rob Creighton, or his assistant, Zach, takes the first brew of the day starting early. I come in midday and take on the second half of the batch. It’s two actual brews but because the boil kettle is half the size of the fermenter they have to do two runs of the same brew to max out the fermenter.

I’ll be in for a refresher training day tomorrow to shadow Rob and then just about on my own for the next couple of days. Next week I will be totally on my own as Rob and Zach are away at a conference. That means the double brew day is stretched over two days. It also means I’m wholly responsible for the brew. :O There’s not much different from one half to the next except for yeast management on the first half. That’s generally been Rob’s domain but out of necessity will have to be turned over to me.

After next week we just go week by week. Scheduling will be pretty random but Rob is super flexible with working around my other life as a bass trombonist. If it happens that I have orchestra services on a day he wants to brew, he will generally shuffle things around to accommodate that. Fabulous!

And also on the plus side, I can buy some hops now with the bit of extra cash! 😀


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