Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Tool

Not a really fancy new tool but more of a re-purposed tool.

I use binder clips for holding the hop bag to the side of the boil kettle. Late in the cooling process I take the hops out of the boil kettle and squeeze the last bit of wort out of them and put the binder clip back in my tool kit or on to the side of the boil kettle again. Today I discovered another use for it:

Binder clip thermometer holder

Binder clip thermometer holder

The thermometer just sits right there with the probe just far enough into the wort to get a decent reading. I stir my wort while it’s chilling so now I can see the progress without having to re-sanitize the thermometer every time I check the temp.

It’s not really a huge advance in my brew set up but it’s a fun little one that I discovered today.