New Project

I’m embarking on a new brewery project: A brew stand!

My friends Clay and Scott are rather handy folks with “mad skillz”. They have built a brew stand before for other friends of theirs and I’m in the market for something similar.

The basic design of the stand is very similar to this but we’ll be adding extras, of course. I’m looking into burners, a pump, chiller, lines, etc., all that to be figured out later.

I realize readership of this blog is a bit limited but I’ll ask both of you: What do you want in a brew stand?

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6 responses to “New Project

  • Alan Brown

    Stability is paramount — I want to know that my mash tun and kettle are rock solid.

  • MattyP

    I think I’m too early in my brewing process to require a stand, as I haven’t really nailed down how I want to brew long term. Some nice features I’ve seen include wheels on one end so you can lift and roll it around,room for storage for the kettles under the burners, a high hook for hanging tubing, plumbing for water lines and using a quick disconnect to attach a hose. Also having the pump attached is a nice touch too.
    Plus it has to be red!

  • Shegogue Brew

    I would go through a brew day in your head and think about each step, and what would make it easier. I spend way to much time running back-and-forth grabbing a piece of equipment here and a piece there. When I finally get a brewstand it will accommodate every brewday object on it and have easy quick connections. CIP would be nice to be able to do as well. Congrats on this next step in the brewery!

    • It's what's on tap...

      You know what’s better than going through a brew day in your head? Actually doing a brew day! Then you end up with beer at the end instead of a sore brain. LOL

      What you say is very true, though. I will be putting a list together next brew day as I’m also moving some things from inside to outside in the garage. There are a few things I would like to have duplicates of so I’m not running back inside when I need that spray bottle or whatnot.

      I will look into what I need for CIP. Not quite there yet.

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