Brew Stand Update

Got my burners today!

One big, one small

One big, one small

I have two of the large burners and one small one. I’m thinking one big burner for the HLT, small one for MLT, large one for BK.

Pumps are being housed and wired by Scott. He’s got a nice method using a metal tool box to house everything and have that mounted on the brew stand. It’s protective AND portable.

More updates to come…


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3 responses to “Brew Stand Update

  • Paul

    Dude those are some serious jets! What are the BTU outputs of the small and large? I’ve been using the Blichmann burners with good success. Those are sexy looking tho đŸ™‚

    • It's what's on tap...

      From the site where I bought them: “The 23 Jet Propane Jet Burner produces approximately 10,000 BTUs per jet with a 10 PSI regulator.” I have the 30psi regulator so I’m not sure what difference that will make on these burners.

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