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Judgement Day

The homebrew club that I’m part of, GRAB (Grand River Area Brewers), recently held a friendly competition with the HOZERs (Hamilton Ontario Zymurgy Enthusiast Ring). I submitted three beers: An APA, a Stout (Vanilla Bourbon, brewed with Scott), and my LISP

There were four judges, Kevin Freer, Jason Stranak, Nate Ferguson, and me. It was not a BJCP sanctioned competition but it was run fairly similarly to one. I had never judged before so it was a real learning experience for me!

Some photos from the day:

Results for the competition.


Scored a prize!

Submissions at Alan’s photo contest over at A Good Beer Blog have ended and prizes are being awarded. I’m thrilled to announce that I won a prize for this photo:


I have won a one year subscription to Taps magazine for “capturing glow”.

There is still the grand prize to be awarded in the contest but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not sure if winning an earlier prize takes me out of the running for the biggie but there were a lot of nice photos submitted so we’ll just wait and see. It should be announced later today.