Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cherry wood aging

Trying something a bit new this time around.

Scott gave me some giant cuts from a cherry tree a while back with the thinking that we could use them to smoke some malt. I have a smoker and it would be easy enough to use the wood for that purpose to hopefully impart a unique flavour to our malt.

Never got around to it.

But… I did have the idea one night to cut a slab off of the chunk (those are technical terms, btw) cut that bit into tinier bits so that they could easily fit in the neck of the carboy, char them and then soak them in Whiskey. Why not?

I’m not exactly sure what to do with them at this point. I have a couple of imperial stouts that, I think, would work quite nicely aged on cherry wood.

Here’s my process in fabulous Burn-o-Vision™.

One Year!

Actually it was one year about a week and half ago. But still…

It’s been fun to see the progress and the growth of the blog. Who knew so many people would be interested in filling a sanke keg? LOL